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Working Papers

"Market Dynamics and Investment in the Electricity Sector" (with Joseph Cullen) University of Arizona Economics Working Paper #17-05, 2017  Revised version, June 2022

Journal Publications

Who Should Own a Renewable Technology? Ownership Theory and an Application” (with Talat Genc) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 63 (March 2019), 213-238.

Price Caps, Oligopoly, and Entry”, (with David Rietzke) Economic Theory, 66 (October 2018), 707-745.

Intermittency and the Value of Renewable Energy”, (with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Mario Samano) Journal of Political Economy, 124 (August 2016)

Pivotal Suppliers and Market Power in Experimental Supply Function Competition”, (with Jordi Brandts and Arthur Schram) Economic Journal, (September 2014)

“The Economics of Solar Electricity”, (with Erin Baker, Meredith Fowlie & Derek Lemoine) Annual Review of Resource Economics, 5 (June 2013)

“Supply Function Equilibria with Capacity Constraints and Pivotal Suppliers”, (with Talat Genc) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29 (July 2011)

“Auctions with a Buy Price”, (with John Wooders) Economic Theory 38 (January 2009), 9-39.

“Dynamic Oligopolistic Games Under Uncertainty: A Stochastic Programming Approach”, (with Talat Genc and Suvrajeet Sen) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 31 (January 2007), 55-80.

“Market Power and Price Movements over the Business Cycle”, (with Bart J. Wilson) Journal of Industrial Economics, 53 (June 2005), 145-174.

“Bounded Rationality in Laboratory Bargaining with Asymmetric Information”, (with Timothy N. Cason) Economic Theory, 25 (April 2005), 553-574.

”Multi-Period Bargaining: Asymmetric Information and Risk Aversion”, Economics Letters, 72 (September 2001), 309-315.

”Durable Goods Monopoly: Laboratory Market and Bargaining Experiments”, RAND Journal of Economics, 31 (2000), 375-394.

“Bertrand-Edgeworth Competition, Demand Uncertainty, and Asymmetric Outcomes”, (with Bart J. Wilson) Journal of Economic Theory, 92 (2000), 122-141.

“Adaptation and Convergence of Behavior in Repeated Experimental Cournot Games”, (with Stephen Rassenti, Vernon L. Smith and Ferenc Szidarovszky) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 41 (2000), 117-146.

“Cotenancy and Competition in an Experimental Auction Market for Natural Gas Pipeline Networks”, (with Stephen Rassenti and Vernon L. Smith) Economic Theory, 4 (1994), 41-65.

“Bertrand-Edgeworth Competition in Experimental Markets”, (with Jamie Brown Kruse, Stephen Rassenti and Vernon L. Smith) Econometrica, 62 (1994), 343-371.

“Monopoly Investment, Pricing and Production under Intertemporal Demand Uncertainty”, (with David Nickerson) Australian Economic Papers, 33 (1994), 155-174.

“The Effect of the Default Risk of Debt on the Earnings Response Coefficient”, (with Dan S. Dhaliwal) The Accounting Review, 69 (1994), 412-419.

“An Experimental Investigation of the Hahn-Noll Revenue Neutral Auction for Emissions Licenses”, (with Robert Franciosi, R. Mark Isaac and David Pingry) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 24 (1993), 1-24.

“Schumpeterian Competition in Experimental Markets”, (with R. Mark Isaac) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 17 (1992), 59-100.

“Stochastic Innovation and Product Market Organization”, (with R. Mark Isaac) Economic Theory, 2 (1992), 525-545.

“Dynamic Oligopoly with Capacity Adjustment Costs”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 15 (1991), 491-514.

“Changing Investment Patterns in World Aluminum”, (with Richard T. Newcomb and Thomas A. Masbruch) Resources and Energy, 11 (1990), 261-297.

“Plant Closings and Exit Behaviour in Declining Industries”, Economica, 55 (1988), 493- 503.

“Appropriability and Market Structure in a Stochastic Invention Model”, (with R. Mark Isaac) Quarterly Journal of Economics, 103 (1988), 647-671.

“Capacity Investment, Preemption and Commitment in an Infinite Horizon Model”, International Economic Review, 28 (1987), 69-88.

“Strategic Capital Investment in the American Aluminum Industry”, Journal of Industrial Economics, 34 (1986), 225-245.

“Capacity, Output and Sequential Entry: Comment”, American Economic Review, 75 (1985), 894-896.

“Rotating Credit Collusion in Repeated Auctions with a Single Buyer and Several Sellers”, (with Soo Hong Chew and Mei Hui Mao) Economics Letters, 16 (1984), 1-6.

“Limit Pricing, Conjectural Variation and Entry”, Economics Letters, 9 (1982), 195-199.

Research: Publications
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